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Design & Install

We specialize in the design and installation of gardens that create peaceful spaces and natural lines. Our inspiration comes from native plantscapes with incorporation of select site-appropriate exotics and succulents. We also emphasize low water-use, low-maintenance choices and naturalistic forms. C-27 License #1033017

Fine Gardening

Monthly and quarterly maintenance programs are offered to promote plant health and to foster alignment with the long-term vision for the landscape.  Think of our service not as mow & blow, but as garden management.  We focus on horticultural care and emphasize organic, Bay-Friendly practices.  Specialties include aesthetic pruning of trees and shrubs and integrated pest management (IPM) with an emphasis on soil health.


Water is both a precious resource and the key to life in a garden.  We design water-efficient systems that are most appropriate for the needs of the specific site.  We help clients to manage their irrigation systems throughout the year by conducting seasonal monitoring and providing controller programming schedules.  Our staff is trained to find and repair leaks and also can suggest / make system upgrades as needed.


Low-voltage landscape lighting can transform and extend the use of garden space after dark.  Our lighting systems can help promote safety and strategically highlight the beauty of natural and structural elements of your landscape.  Newer, improved LED technologies are an efficient option that can operate using a fraction of the energy of halogen-based models while lasting longer.